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~Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review~

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Oh my gosh. That is literally all I can summon up right now. This book...just blew me away and tore me apart in the best ways possible. First of all, let me just get this out there, I LOVE this book and I am so happy that I read it, because if I didn't, I would be missing out on something wonderful. Second, I would like to thank Victoria Aveyard. You are the one of the people that have made it possible for me to read your book. Obviously, your publishers and editors have made it possible too, but if you hadn't written this book, nobody on this planet would have been able to read it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, let's get to the good stuff. What I liked about this book.

The first thing I loved about this book was how vividly Victoria Aveyard painted a picture of the setting and the world where Mare (the girl protagonist) lives in. I could imagine all of the places in my head perfectly and it even felt like I was there with Mare, everywhere she went. Victoria Aveyard added a lot of details when she described the setting and I am really glad that she did.

The next thing that I liked (excuse me, I mean "loved") about this book was that the characters were wonderful. Just downright wonderful. And I don't mean that their personalaties were wonderful. I mean, the way Victoria Aveyard developed them was wonderful. In a book, I am always looking for well developed characters, and in Red Queen, I found that all of the characters were well developed, even a character that was only there for one page was well developed. And, you're probably thinking, how is that possible? A really minor character being well developed. Well, here's my answer. Read the book and see for yourself. You will totally agree with me. I got really connected to Mare and some other main characters, so that when the big twist came, my heart nearly broke into pieces and I feel like someone had smashed my heart with a hammer. I got so connected to the characters, that after the big twist, I felt.....broken.

Another thing that I liked about this book was that there were so many plots twists and turns. Right off the bat, there are twists. Everytime I encountered a twist, I nearly jumped out of my seat, because I was so surprised. Victoria Aveyard designed this plot so well and at the end, she gave one final yank on the plot threads and wrapped it up neatly, setting up the end of Red Queen perfectly for the beginning of Red Queen 2.

There are so many more things I LOVED about this book. There's a love triangle in there as well. And you're probably like, "Ugh, another love triangle?". No. Everyone will love this love triangle, because it is that good. There are a lot of things that I absolutely loved about this book, but I don't want this review to be too long! So until next time....Keep calm and read your butt off:)